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This website is for the Norton's who are descended from John Howland of the Mayflower. I would save this website to your favorites if you are doing research on Norton Genealogy, Nortons' of Martha's Vineyard, Norton Family Tree, Norton family history or Nortons related to John Howland and Elisabeth Tilley.

Nicholas Norton first appears at Weymouth, Mass. In 1637 when he married his wife Elizabeth and in which place he maintained a residence for 20 years prior to his removal to the vineyard. On Aug. 22, 1659 Goodman Norton was granted a lot of forty acres of land and on the same day it was ordered by the town that Goodman Norton shall have the liberty to make use of nay Pond about the Ox Pond for his trade except the Great Pond. In 1661 he was one of a committee to buy land from the Indians for use by the town.(Note: Preceeding text taken directly from DAR historical files.)

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  1. Nicholas Norton
    B. Broadway England, 1610
    D. Edgartown Mass. Abt 1676
    M. Weymouth Mass. 1639
    Note: His will was dated April 17, 1690.

Elizabeth Isaac
B. Weymouth/England Abt. 1612
D. Edgartown, Mass. Between June and Oct. 1690

  1. Joseph Norton, Gentleman
    B. Weymouth, Mass. March 1652
    D. M. Vineyard Mass. Jan. 30 1741
    M. about 1673

Mary Bayes
B. Dedham Mass. Abt. 1654
D. M. Vineyard, Mass. between 1695/1702
Note: Will prob. Aug. 7, 1753

  1. Ebenezer Norton
    B. M. Vineyard, Mass. 1691
    D. M. Vineyard, Mass. April 11, 1769
    M. Nov. 18 1715

Deborah Mayhew
B. M. Vineyard, Mass. 1681
D. M. Vineyard, Mass Dec. 3, 1772

  1. Peter Norton (Revolutionary War)
    B. Edgartown, Mass., Sept. 9, 1718
    D. Edgartown, Mass., Feb. 13, 1792
    M. about 1740

Sarah Bassett
B. Chilmark, Mass. March 19, 1720
D. Edgartown, Mass. Sept. 8, 1804

  1. Samuel Norton (Revolutionary War)
    B. Edgartown, Mass. April 16, 1743
    D. Edgartown, Mass. Nov. 23, 1801
    M. Nov. 23, 1766

Mary Davis (dau. Melatiah Davis-Revolutionary War)
B. M. Vineyard, Mass. Jan. 14, 1744
D. Edgartown, Mass. Feb. 20, 1820

  1. Samuel Norton
    B. Edgartown, Mass. 1780 (Bapt. Aug. 31, 1784)
    D. Industry, Maine, Sept. 24, 1824
    M. Aug. 12, 1804

Anna Davis (dau. Melatiah Davis Jr.-Revolutionary War)
B. Edgartown, Mass. April 7, 1779
D. Industry, Maine Oct. 3, 1865

  1. James Norton
    B. Industry, Maine, July 27, 1811
    D. Industry, Maine, Dec. 12 1873
    M. Dec. 1, 1836

Mary Davis (dau. Cornelius & Hepsabeth Norton Davis)
B. Industry, Maine, Jan. 7, 1814
D. Farmington, Maine, Nov. 17, 1886

  1. Oliver Davis Norton
    B. Industry, Maine, Jan. 21, 1841
    D. Farmington, Maine, Jan. 29, 1918
    M. Nov. 29, 1883

Martha Louise Emery
B. New Sharon, Maine April 4, 1861
D. Starks, Maine Feb. 4, 1933

  1. Bernice Patia Norton
    B. Industry, Maine July 7, 1896
    D. Madison, Maine July 31, 1952
    M. Oct. 29, 1913

Alvin William Wagner
B. Nova Scotia, June 14, 1890
D. Bingham, Maine Oct 1981